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Nano Digest Launched

Nano Digest, India’s Premiere Magazine on Nanotechnology, was launched recently by Prof CNR Rao in Bangalore.

Nano Cover Page

Editor K Jayade, Prof CNR Rao and K Hari Prasad, CEO of Nano Digest unveiling the first issue of Nano Digest.

Editor K Jayadev, Prof CNR Rao and K Hari Prasad, CEO of Nano Digest unveiling the first issue of Nano Digest.

For copies and other enquires contact:
ph: 040-23235414


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Promotional Issue (Full)

Here is the full version of Promotional Issue of Nano Digest that was distributed to many people concerned with Nanotechnology field in India. Have a look at it and get ready to receive your Bumper Inaugural Copy of Nano Digest….

Nano Digest’s inaugural issue will be an ideal platform for all the people to talk and spread the message of their company by releasing an advertisement, to the captive readers in the field. With the magazine being directly reaching to all the scientific research institutes, universities, engineering and pharmacy colleges, industry and renowned scientists in India and abroad, this will be the place to utilize to take forward the message of your organization.

Confirm your advertisement for the inaugural issue by May 15..The advertisement material should reach us by May 18.


K Hari Prasad:

Cover Page of Promotional Issue of Nano DigestPage 2 - Advertisement TariffPage 3 - Ediorial PagePage 4Page 5Page 6Page 7 - Subscription Form

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Nano Digest Promotional Issue

Just to keep you all updated on the activity at Nano Digest. We are all working on bringing out the first issue of the magazine and it should be out in next couple of week’s time. Keep watching the space on the launch. Meanwhile, we have come out with a Promotional Copy of the magazine (called Dummy is journalistic terminology). This is to show the quality of the magazine and what is all about; to attract subscriptions and also for marketing purposes. Our people are reaching out to as many people as they can with the copy. Here is the cover page of the Promotional Copy for all of you.


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Nano Digest Logo Launch

Hello Everyone,

Once again let me thank you for you patient wait and at last the wait has come to an end. After a long wait, the Government of India has finally cleared the title of our magazine and has allotted us Nano Digest title.

So now lets all get into action and make Nano Digest a reality, a magazine that we have all been waiting for! Here we are officially launching the logo of the magazine.


More posts on the latest will keep coming regularly from us. Watch this space.


K Jayadev

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Rebranding the same old science!

Old Wine in a New Bottle?

What is nanoscience? Is it different from nanotechnology? Is it chemistry? Many chemists do think that nanoscience is another word for molecular chemistry. However, there are many who would argue with that definition (including the physicists, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, bioengineers working in nanotechnology). Is molecular physics also nanoscience?

Though my own effort to understand nano science and technology over the last couple of years (as a journalist) and more so, after deciding to start the magazine, from last six months, has been that it is the same old science that Democritus, Rutherford, Rustom Roy, Milburn, etc have been talking about.

Hence I have been toying on the idea whether to ask this question or not… but after seeing the response that people have showered upon us for the blog, I assume I will get the answer!!!!

Best part that nano has brought in is that the youngsters think it is the most happening science and they are ready to show keen interest in this rather than “boring” chemistry and physics. By facing this happening tag to our good old science we are able to attract more kids to seriously take up nanotechnology!

What difference does the name make? Do kids seek out nano-related activities over more traditionally named activities? Or is this just rebranding of the same old science or is it something new? Can we make nanoscience something different?

If anyone has better way to explain nanotechnology please let me know. It would be of great help to understand….

K Jayadev

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‘Nanotechnology can cure cancer’

HYDERABAD: A genetic research specialist from the twin cities Rao Papineni, working with Carestream Health Inc, USA, along with other top researchers has devised a method to treat cancer cells by using nanotechnology.

The researcher who is here to take part in the upcoming BioAsia-09 said that the ‘invention’ is in U.S. patent process. It’s a known fact that nanotechnology can be used to develop ways to kill cancer cells in the body without damaging the healthy cells. “We have developed image-guided targeted cancer-cell killers. The unique aspect is that we can deliver large loads of drugs to the cancerous region without actually affecting the healthy cells,” Dr. Papineni said.

The researcher is in the process of meeting local scientific and research community in India and discuss about the invention. “We are hoping that people back home here will notice such developments during the BioAsia 2009. I have already presented a paper on the same subject in Nanobio-2009 held recently in Kochi,” he said.

Along with a research team consisting of Dr. Alan Pollock and Dr. Mansoor Ahmed at University of Miami, Florida, plans are afoot to use the cancer killer nanoparticles in curing prostrate cancer. “It’s not just prostrate cancer; other cancers can also be cured.” Dr. Rao is also working on a process to make nanoparticles carry large doses of Curcumin (Haldi), which has anti-cancer properties, with another Indian researcher Bharat Agarwal. “Apart from its known use in plastics, energy, and aerospace industry, nanotechnology is beginning to grow rapidly in medical imaging and therapeutics,” he said.

Dr. Rao Papineni is the Chief Scientist and senior Principal Investigator at Carestream Health Inc, USA. (He can be reached at rao.papineni1@

Courtesy: The Hindu

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EMSI Conference brings forth the new trends

EMSI Conference brings forth the new trends
Paves way for greater research in Nano science

Inauguration of National Conference on Electron Microscopy and Allied Fields at Bundelkhan University, Jhansi

Inauguration of National Conference on Electron Microscopy and Allied Fields at Bundelkhan University, Jhansi

Scientific Exhibition at the Conference

Scientific Exhibition at the Conference

The National Conference of Electron Microscope Society of India (EMSI – 2009) was held at Bundelkhand University in Jhansi from January 17-19, 2009. This annual conference promoted interdisciplinary research, bridging various scientific and technical disciplines. The conference brought various scientists from across the country to work in different disciplines to discuss the various aspects of microscopy.

Dr Peter Koshy, outgoing president of EMSI, mentioned that, “Electron Miscroscopy has paved way to the birth nanotechnology, but this has not really got its due importance in the country for various reasons. Thanks to major push in nanotechnology by the government and private organizations, this field is now looked forward.”

The electron microscope needs no introduction. It has been hailed as one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. Since it was first unveiled, the electron microscope has undergone many technical improvements and seen the incorporation of new designs, among them the scanning tunneling electron microscope. But nonetheless, the pioneering attempt of Ernst Ruska was rewarded with one half of the 1986 Nobel Prize in Physics for his fundamental work in electron optics and for the design of the first electron microscope. The other half went jointly to Dr Gerd Binnig and Dr Heinrich Rohrer for their design of the scanning tunneling microscope. Today almost no branch of science can do without electron microscope, which has been the tool to reveal many of nature’s mysteries.

The conference discussed advances in the electron microscopy techniques as also the understanding of new and exotic materials and their consequent applications of relevance to the society. More importantly, the new nanoscale analytical techniques have made it possible to understand and also help create matter on a nanoscale and thus have ushered in an era of what is now popularly called nano science and nanotechnology.

Explaining about the importance newly appointed president of EMSI R P Tandon says, “Today our country is being recognized for its large pool of excellent human resources in science and technology and it is high time they are brought to the lime light. In view of encouraging our scientists, academicians, and young researchers for the future, this is the purpose of the conference.”

EMSI found one of its missions to identify the scientific brilliance in the country, recognize their scientific contributions and honour them with different prestigious awards during the annual meeting. Dr Srikumar Banerjee, director of Baba Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai was presented with Lifetime Achievement Award for 2008-09 while Dr PD Gupta of CCMB was given the same award in Biological Sciences category. For the first time the Society has instituted Fellow of EMSI and has given this honour to 10 prominent people: Prof K Chattopadhyay, Dr MS Rao, Dr Fazil Marickar, Prof RP Tandon, Dr G K Dey, Dr Sudip Dey, Dr Sabu Thomas, Dr Indradev Samajdar, Dr P Prabhakar Rao and Dr Prakash Kumar.

Apart from the conference, there was a scientific exhibition with various corporate players displaying their newest products and technologies. Major players participated in this much awaited exhibition: Icon Analytical, Gatan, Jeol, Blue Star, Carl Zeiss, Forevision Instruments, Oxford Instruments, Camscan, Mars Scientific & Bruker Miscroanalysis, Tinsley-Wayne Kerr, Sree Analytical, Labindia Instruments, Ants Ceramics, Metrex and Advance Scientific & Tescan.

Nano India magazine took this opportunity to meet and inform about the impending launch of the magazine. Flyers were distributed to all the participants of the conference generating curiosity to know about the magazine.

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